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Tax return preparation

· Multi-state returns

· Prior year returns

· Amended returns

· Review of prior year
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· Tax consultation
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· Representation
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Please bring anything you think might be tax related even if not listed below. If you are a new client, please bring your last tax return paperwork.

Bring All:
· W-2’s
· 1099’s
· Interest Paid
· Interest Earned
· Stock & Dividend Information
· Partnership K-1’s

Note: Total your expenses or make a best estimate by category.
Each category should include all sources of payment, cash check or charge.

The categories listed below require
that the information be detailed as shown:

Make a simple travel log:
· Where Went / Dates / Purpose / # Days Away

Equipment Purchased:
· Description / Date Purchased / Cost

Office Furniture Purchased:
· Description / Date Purchased / Cost

For Home Office:
· Rent
· Utilities
· Renter’s Insurance
· Security
· Repairs

· Auto Lease, and Rent
· Insurance
· Mileage And Dates
· Gas
· Repairs
· Oil Change Receipts
· Car Washes

Other items to compile:
· Charitable Contributions; Cash and Noncash Receipts
· Out Of Pocket Medical Expenses
· Moving Expense (Over 50 Mile Move)
· Medical Insurance Premiums


Tax Tips
Be Prepared: Simply put - keep everything. For beginners, "Brown Bagging" is the most basic record keeping where you simply keep ALL your receipts during the year and put them in a brown bag.

Get Organized: At the end of the year you’ll need to put in time to sort all those receipts. Be prepared to do your tax return by sorting everything into envelopes.

To deduct expenses you'll need to determine whether they are "ordinary or necessary". You have to be able to support the necessity aspect. Separate your expense receipts into your various categories. Total each group of receipts and mark envelope with expense total and category on the outside. Bring the envelopes to your tax appointment.

Review even the grocery store reciepts to see if any magazines or office supplies were purchased. They are an overlooked deduction. Groceries may be deductible if you entertained at home or took food or beverage to a business meeting. They are a good reminder of what you did for the year.

For the car expenses be sure to have lease agreements or purchase papers as well as repair bills showing mileage near the beginning and the end of the year. Be prepared with a list of travel for the year: When, where, and why.

The appointment: Plan on spending a minimum of 1 hour with your tax preparer.

Bring everything listed under the checklist along with any other items you think may be tax related. Bring all year-end statements: W-2’s, 1099s, bank and stock statements, mortgage statements, home sale or purchase papers, copy of a new child’s social security card, charitable deduction papers, and your organized and totaled reciept envelopes.

Bring your Questions: As you organize your paperwork for the year, make notes about things to clarify with the preparer. Feel free to conat us prior to your appointment if you feel necesary.

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